Current Issue

May - August 2006

Volume 9, Number 2

The physician should benefit, not harm the patient. P. Grammaticos, G. Fountos Free Text

Our Journal and our reviewers, contributors, readers and subscribers. P. Grammaticos Free Text

Positron emission tomography in evaluating the response to treatment of brain tumors, lymphomas and breast cancer. C. Giannopoulou, C. Fragaki Free Text

Specified systems of high spatial resolution for tomographic gamma cameras; their applications and studies in Greece. G. Loudos, A. Varvarigou Free Text

Scintigraphic imaging of experimental colitis with technetium-99m-infliximab in the rat. C. Tsopelas, S. Penglis, A. Ruskiewicz, D. L. Bartholomeusz Free Text

Evaluation of the left ventricular hemodynamic function and myocardial perfusion by gated single photon emission tomography, in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus; prodromal signs of cardiovascular disease after four years. B. Chrapko, M. Kowalczyk, A. Nocuń, A. Nowakowski, J. Zaorska-Rajca Free Text

Comparison of six radionuclidic and non-radionuclidic methods for the assessment of glomerular filtration rate in patients with chronic renal failure. A. Fotopoulos, J. Al Bokharhli, S. Tsiouris, A. Katsaraki, A. Papadopoulos, M. Tsironi, J. Theodorou Free Text

Comparison of left ventricular functional parameters measured by gated single photon emission tomography and by two-dimensional echocardiography. B. Singh, R. Manoj, P. Vikas, A. Bhattacharya, Y. Sharma, B. R. Mittal Free Text

Diagnostic efficacy of technetium-99m pentavalent-dimercapto succinic acid versus gallium-67 citrate, imaging in patients with highly suspected acute bone and joint infections. S. Koukouraki, I. Gaitanis, A. Hatjipaulou, N. Karkavitsas Free Text

Proposals for the revision of radiation protection measures for doses up to 222 MBq iodine-131 for whole body scintiscan for the detection of metastatic lesions. M. Karaveli, A. Hatzigiannaki, E. Dedousi Free Text

Sialocintigraphy versus ultrasonography of the salivary glands in patients first diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome. M. Decuzzi, F. Tatulli, M. Giampaolo, R. Tesse, M. Gasparre, G. Pepe, P. Decuzzi, I. Asteriadis Free Text

Thallium-201 single photon emission tomography after injecting an antimuscarinic agent compared with computed tomography for the diagnosis of recurrent colorectal cancer. Report of three cases. B. Fallahi, D. Beiki, M. Assadi, A. F. Esfahan Free Text

A false negative by planar scintigraphy liver hemangioma, diagnosed by technetium-99m-red blood cells and technetium-99m-sulfur colloid single photon emission tomography scan. S. Zincirkeser, Z. Çelen, M. Yılmaz, F. Topalhan, E. Şahin Free Text

Brown tumors in the technetium-99m methyldiphosphonate bone scan mimicking metastases of parathyroid carcinoma. N. Pianou, I. Housianakou, N. Papathanasiou, P. Karampina, C. Giannopoulou Free Text

Metabolites of arachidonic acid in activating platelets and their estimation by radionuclide techniques. H. Sinzinger Free Text

Authors' reply. T. Daskalou, M. Karamouzis, G. Liaros Free Text

Our experience from radioiodine-131 treatment and whole body scintigraphy findings in 357 patients with metastatic differentiated thyroid carcinoma after surgical ablation. Otakar Kraft Free Text