Current Issue

September - December 2006

Volume 9, Number 3

Editor and authors' psychology and the chance of teaching. P. Grammaticos Free Text

Can hand radiation absorbed dose from radiosynοvectomy be high?. P. Markou Free Text

Risk and prognostic factors for differentiated thyroid cancer. L. Duntas, B. M. Grab-Duntas Free Text

Selenium and thyroid function; the role of radioimmunoassays. A. Kaprara, G. E. Krassas Free Text

Sequential brain perfusion abnormalities in various stages of Japanese encephalitis. S. Barai, G. Sanjay, P. D. Shankar, O. Manish Free Text

Effects of low intensity static electromagnetic radiofrequency fields on leiomyosarcoma and smooth muscle cell lines. S. Karkabounas, K. Havelas, O. K. Kostoula, P. Vezyraki, A. Avdikos, J. Binolis, G. Hatziavazis, A. Metsios, I. Verginadis, A. Evangelou Free Text

Thyroid blood flow and uptake of technetium-99m pertechnetate in Graves' disease. V. Sekulić, M. Rajić, M. Vlajković, S. Ilić, M. Bogićević, S. Antić, D. Dimić Free Text

Scintigraphy with technetium-99m methoxyisobutylisonitrile in multiple myeloma patients; correlation with the International Staging System. J. Koutsikos, V. Grigoraki, T. Athanasoulis, A. Velidaki, C.Mamoulakis, A. Zomas, N. Anagnostopoulos, E. Georgiou, M. A. Dimopoulos, C. Zerva Free Text

Serum levels of S-100b protein after four years follow-up of patients with melanoma. A. Zissimopoulos, A. Karpouzis, I. Karaitianos, N. Βaziotis, I. Tselios, C. Koutis Free Text

Unilateral pulmonary metastases from Ewing's sarcoma shown in a technetium-99m-methylene-diphosphonate bone scan. A. Gholamrezanezhad, D. Moinian, S. Mirpour, H. Hajimohammadi Free Text

A large intra-atrial thrombus detected during a lung perfusion scan with technetium -99m macroaggregated albumin injected through the subclavian venous line. A. Zanglis, D. Andreopoulos, M. Dima, A. Sidiropoulou, N. Baziotis Free Text

How should we image liver hemangioma? R. Zakavi Free Text

Authors' reply. S. Zinkirkeser Free Text

Radiosynoviorthesis – indications, side effects. V. Valotassiou, G. Wozniak, N. Demakopoulos, P. Georgoulias Free Text