Current Issue

September - December 2005

Volume 8, Number 3

Nucleology, nuclear medicine, molecular nuclear medicine and subspecialties. P.Grammaticos Free Text

Stereotactic radiosurgery in neuro surgery. H. Kourtopoulos Free Text

Conclusions from an international congress of nuclear medicine. The address of the chairman of he the congress. Our specialty as "Nucleology". P.Grammaticos

The contribution of nuclear medicine procedures in the diagnosis of dementia of Alzheimer’s type. Imaging beta amyloid plaques. M. Tsolaki, C. Trontzos, A. Kazis Free Text

PET imaging in cardiology. G. N. Chacko Free Text

Feline hyperthyroidism. The contribution of nuclear medicine. P. Lass, S. Kaniuka Free Text

Cold infarction areas of varying size in the presence of left ventricular dysfunction: the impact on left ventricular ejection fraction determination by gated SPECT compared to radionuclide ventriculography. F. Canbaz, T. Basoglu, S. Ucak Semirgin, O.Yapici, M.Yazici Free Text

Right and left ventricular ejection fraction evaluation in patients with chronic pulmonary disease. Comparison of nuclear medicine methods. I. Iakovou, N. Karatzas, D. Oikonomidis, A. Psarakou Free Text

Diuretic radionuclide renography in assessing Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty in unilateral pelviureteric junction obstruction. M. Tripathi, R. Kumar, N. Chandrashekar, S. Sharma, C. Bal, G. Bandopadhyaya, A. Malhotra Free Text

Comparative evaluation of two fixed doses of 185 and 370 MBq 131I, for the treatment of Graves’ disease resistant to antithyroid drugs. A. Fard Esfahani, V. R. Dabbagh Kakhki, B. Fallahi, M. Eftekhari, D. Beiki, M. Saghari, A. Takavar Free Text

The role of 99mTc(V)-DMSA scan as compared to 99mTc-MDP and CT scans in imaging the primary tumor and metastases of osteosarcoma. A. Zissimopoulos, A. Zanglis, D.Andreopoulos, N. Baziotis Free Text

The value of 99mTc-MIBI whole body scintigraphy in active and in remission multiple myeloma. B. Fallahi, M. Saghari, A. Fard Esfahani, M. Eftekhari, M. Iravani, D. Beiki, V. R. Dabbagh Kakhki, R. Sadeghi Free Text

Unilateral absent lung ventilation and perfusion due to a hilar mass. A. Gholamrezanezhad, M. Eftekhari, A. Fard Esfahani, B. Fallahi Sichani, D. Beiki Free Text

Osteoid osteoma mimicking chronic arthritis. Diagnosis by bone scintigraphy. G. Koliakos, N. Katsiki Free Text

Pelvic vascular tumours in 3-phase bone scintigraphy. A. Otte

The future of diagnostic imaging: not exclusively or maybe not in nuclear medicine. P. Lass

Reply: Opportunities and challenges in the nuclear medicine arena. A. Otte, R. A. Dierckx