Current Issue

May - August 2005

Volume 8, Number 2

Unpleasant and pleasant news for nuclear medicine

Problems especially for nuclear medicine: better to prevent than to treat. P.Grammaticos Free Text

Radioprotection and environmental pollution by the use of the radionuclides 89Sr, 186Re, and 153Sm for pain palliation in metastatic bone diseases. Related calculations. E.Sbonias Free Text

The role of 99mTc-ciprofloxacin scan in infection imaging. P.Markou, T.Spyridonidis Free Text

Cardiac radionuclide imaging in clinical decision making. E.Moralidis,C.Anagnostopoulos Free Text

Monoclonal antibodies: old and new trends in breast cancer imaging and therapeutic approach. E.Stipsanelli, P.Valsamaki Free Text

Radiolabelling and biodistribution of 111In-antimony trisulphide colloid. C.Tsopelas, R.Cooper Free Text

Inspiration during the sleep stages without and after preceding exercise, as a factor supporting circulation of blood and the “resting procedure”. P.Grammaticos, E.Daskalopoulou, E.Grammatikou-Zilidou, E.Kallistratos, E.Daskalopoulos Free Text

The influence of lithium on biokinetics and biodistribution of 65Zn under different dietary protein regimens in rats. A.Tandon, V.Dani, J.Nagpaul, D. Dhawan Free Text

Findings from molecular imaging with SPET camera and 123Ι-ioflupane in the differential diagnosis of Parkinsonism from essential tremor. G.Gerasimou, M.Tsolaki, S.Bostanjopoulou, G.Liaros, E.Papanastasiou, V.Balaris, Z.Katsarou, F.Fotiou, E.Dedousi, S.Baloyannis, I.Milonas Free Text

The relation of bone marrow scintigraphy and unilateral bone marrow biopsy in malignant lymphoma. J.Esmaili, S.R.Safaee, R.Sharifian, S.Shoeybi, A.Gholamrezanezhad Free Text

A “reverse” Maffucci's syndrome: case report and short review of the literature. C.Matzaroglou, P.Megas, E.Panagiotopoulos, A.Notopoulos, A.Saridis, E.Sourgiadaki, D.Koumoundourou, P.Dimakopoulos Free Text

Incidental diagnosis of uterine cancer on technetium-99m dimercaptosuccinic acid renal scintigraphy. O.Kraft Free Text

Complications in 90Y radiation synovectomy. D.Chadzopoulos, K.Badiavas

Drs S Sojan and D Bartholomeusz reply. S.Sojan, D.Bartholomeusz