Current Issue

September - December 2002

Volume 5, Number 3

Rest - An Undefined Condition in Nuclear Medicine Tests, P.Grammaticos, E.Daskalopoulou-Vlachogianni

Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma - Potential Scintigraphic Study, A.P.Aidonopoulos Free Text

The Contribution of Bone Scan and the Tomography Study (SPET) in the Investigation of Low Back Pain, S.Sophocleous Free Text

Functional Neuroimaging Techniques of Nuclear Medicine and Schizophrenia, S.Kontokostas, Α.Fotiadis Free Text

Radiation Hormesis, D.Drabik, P.Lass Free Text

B-Endorphins as measured by Immunoradiometric Assay, Maximum Oxygen Capacity and Physical Fitness Level, After Long-Lasting Exercise, in Athletes and in Untrained Individuals, E.Kallistratos, V.Kalfakakou, P.Vezyraki, P.Grammaticos, A.Evangelou Free Text

Evaluation of Early Graft Dysfunction in Living Related Transplant Patients: Role of 99mTc-DTPA Scintigraphy , B.R. Mittal, K.Sud, B.Singh Free Text

Radionuclide Assessment of Renal Function Related to Kidney Size in Type 1 Diabetic Patients, M.Rajic, M.Bogicevic, S.Antic, S.Ilic, M.Vlajkovic, M.Stevic, M.Avramovic, V.Stefanovic Free Text

Information on a Radionuclide Technique for the Quantitative Estimation of Splenic Haemolysis, P.C.Grammaticos Free Text

The Point of View of the People of Thessaly for a Potential Nuclear Accident, E.Kamboura-Nifli, A.F.Nifli, A.Vontas, F.Philippou-Kyvelou, V.Karanastasi Free Text

A Case of Polyostotic Osteitis Deformans (Paget’s Disease), V.Parvanova, G.Kirova, E.Piperkova Free Text

A Bone Scan Lesion in the Maxilla in a Breast Carcinoma Patient, S.M.Ansari, A.B.Siddique, M.A.Awal, Tahmina Begum, A.K.M. Ahsan Habib, M.A.Taher Free Text

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Subject Index of Volumes 1-5 Free Text