Current Issue

January - April 2002

Volume 5, Number 1

Towards Patient-Tailored Radioiodine Treatment in Patients with Graves Disease, J.W. van Isselt

Radioiodine Treatment of Bone Metastases - Current Problems, Concepts and Trends, P.Lass Free Text

Radioiodine Methods in the Assessment of Patients with Acute Ischaemic Coronary Syndromes, E.Moralidis Free Text

Biodistribution of a Potential Brain Imaging Agent 4-[123I]iodo-N-(2-morpholinoethyl)benzamide, C.Tsopelas, S.Penglis, P.Roselt, J.C.Bellen Free Text

Biodistribution and Lymphatic Speed of 99mTc-Antimony Trisulphide Colloid in the Lizard Pogona Vitticeps, C.Tsopelas, S.L.Munns, C.B.Daniels, C.Lai, R.D.Cooter, B.E.Chatterton Free Text

Prognostic Factors for Thyroid Cancer Among Filipinos, V.P.C.Magboo, M.L.B.Mania, M.L.C.Magboo-Gaviola, T.O.L.San Luis Free Text

Relationship Between Variations in the Thyroid Hormonal Indices and the Blood Concentrations of Certain Trace Elements in Human Subjects: A Cross Sectional Study, B.Singh, B.R.Mittal, M.L.Garg, R.S. Sethi, H.K.Bandhu, A.Bhattacharya, M.Manas, M.Murlidharan, H.Mommsen Free Text

99mTc-DTPA Dynamic Renal Scintigraphy and GFR with γ-Camera Technique for Functional Assessment of Congenital Kidney Malformations in Paediatrics, A.Klissarova, D.Bliznakova Free Text

Comparison of the Limiting Spatial Resolution of Planar γ-Camera Images Measured with the Contrast–Detail and Bar Phantom Methods, D.Okkalides Free Text

Repeated Administration of 153Sm-EDTMP for Treatment of Multifocal Osseous Metastases in Patients with Prostate Cancer, A.Zisimopoulos, A.Zanglis, X.Geronicola, A.Stavraka-Kakavaki, S.Shukla, G.S.Lymouris, N.Baziotis Free Text

The Significance of Scintimamography with 99mTc-Tetrophosmin in the Diagnosis of Doubtful Cases of Breast Cancer, G.Pechlivanidis, A.Papadimitriou, E.Neonakis, E.Mazokopakis, E.Velakouli, A.Diamantis, I.Sfiniadakis, E.Sbonias, G.Lavoutas, A.Milonas, G.Nousis Free Text