Current Issue

September - December 2000

Volume 3, Number 3

Can Laconic Speech Serve Nuclear Medicine?

Brain Trauma and Brain Scintigraphy, P.Lass Free Text

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA): Part I - Types, Biochemistry, Biokinetics and its Normal Role Especially in Prostate Gland, G.I.Agorogiannis, E.I.Agorogiannis Free Text

The Scintiscan of Meckel's Diverticulum and its Complications, T.Papatolios, A.Theocharidis Free Text

Investigation of the Nicrovascular Perfusion of the Lower Extremities of Neuropathy Patients with 99mTc-MIBI, Y.Z.Celen, S.Zincirkeser Free Text

Prediction of Recurrence in Graves' Disease Treated with Methimazole Therapy by Thyroid Hypoechogenicity, Size, TRAb and TSH Tests, J.Gerenova, B.Ivanova, S.Boeva Free Text

The Importance of CEA Scan Radioimmunoscintigraphy in the Diagnosis of Recurrent Colorectal Cancer, F.Sedaghat, .Gerasimou, G.Basdanis, I.Christodoulou, O.Gamvros, P.Grammaticos, K.Katsohis Free Text

Myocardial Stress Test with 99mTc-Tetrosfosmin, 201TlCl and Adenosine for the Diagnostic Evaluation of Coronary Disease, S.Gavriilidis, E.Dedussi, A.Papazisi, P.Kounatiadis, D.Andreou, M.Dimou, A.Balaskas, P.Grammaticos, G.Louridas Free Text

Contribution of Nuclear Medicine in Staging Patients with Nasopharynx and Larynx Carcinoma - A Study on 30 Patients, G.Liaros, A.Nikolaou, E.Karantona, I.Daniilidis Free Text

Nuclear Medicine Sector in Thessalia: Views of the Nuclear Medicine Specialists, H.Kampoura-Nifli, A.Economou, P.Milonis Free Text

Suprarenal Lesion Appearing in the 99mTc-DTPA Renogram, I.Asteriadis, S.Kakoulidis Free Text