Current Issue

May - August 2000

Volume 3, Number 2

Nuclear Medicine in Greece: Who Is to Blame?

Regulative and Controlling Activities of the Hellenic Atomic Energy Committee-HAERC, Related to Radiation Protection. A.Kamarinopoulos

Imaging CNS Neuroreceptors Using Nuclear Medicine Techniques and its Applications in Clinical Practice. S.Zisopoulou, I.Melas Free Text

Diagnostic Applications of Nuclear Medicine Techniques in the Acute Episodes of Renal Transplantation, I.E.Datseris Free Text

The Study of Ecosystem Pollution with Radionuclides, A.Grigoriadou, K.Delidou, P.Grammaticos, B.Katsougiannopoulos Free Text

Visualization of Lymphatic Flow in a Rabbit Model Using Six New 99mTc-Labeled Dyes, C.Tsopelas, S.Penglis Free Text

Cerebral Blood Flow Changes with SPECT and Acetazotamide Test in Hepatic Encephalopathy, M.Jankowski, P.Lass Free Text

Serum S-100 Protein as Early Predictor of Outcome After Severe Brain Injury, A.Lavrentieva, G.Tsaousi, M.Giannakou, E.Sofianos, P.Grammaticos Free Text

Construction of a Simple Low-Cost Interface Between Old Model Gamma Scintillation Camera and Personal Computer, M.Matovic, M.Ravlic, S.Mitrovic, L.Mijatovic Free Text