Current Issue

September - December 2015

Volume 18, Number 3

Short term treatment with lithium carbonate as adjunct to radioiodine treatment for long-lasting Graves' hyperthyroidism V.Sekulić, M.P. Rajic et al Free Text

A combined simple bubbling method with high performance liquid chromatography purification strategy with higher radiochemical yield and purity and faster preparation of carbon-11-raclopride H. Huang, Y. Ning et al. Free Text

Diagnostic value of 99mTc-3PRGD2 scintimammography for differentiation of malignant from benign breast lesions: Comparison of visual and semi-quantitative analysis Q. Chen, Q. Xie et al. Free Text

Prognostic value of myocardial perfusion imaging and coronary artery calcium measurements in patients with end-stage renal disease M. Havel, M. Kaminek et al Free Text

Stimulated high serum thyroglobulin with negative whole body imaging do not warrant an aggressive diagnostic and therapeutic approach in differentiated thyroid cancer patients: A follow-up of 5 years or till recurrence M. Gupta, P.S. Choudhury et al. Free Text

Coronary arteriography in the diagnosis results and prognosis analysis of suspected coronary artery disease in patients with normal SPET myocardial perfusion imaging J-W. Yuan, Y-T. Wang et al. Free Text

Is vitamin D related to pathogenesis and treatment of Hashimoto's thyroiditis? E.E. Mazokopakis, M.G. Papadomanolaki et al. Free Text

Hypoxia-inducible factor-1α, adrenomedullin and Bcl-2 although expected are not related to increased uptake of fluorine-18-fluorodeoxyglucose in endometrial cancer S.S. Cerci, Y. Yalcin et al. Free Text

Toxicity assessment of technetium-99m-labeled human beta- defensin-3 in CD1 mice L. Mauro, C. Anagnostou et al. Free Text

Technetium-99m labelled red blood cells scintigraphy and iminodiacetic acid cholescintigraphy facilitates the discrimination of hepatic cirrhosis from fi-brosis. V. Papantoniou, P. Valsamaki et al Free Text

Sedation practice for paediatric nuclear medicine procedures in Denmark related to EANM guidelines L. Andersson, T .B. Andersen et al Free Text

Description of the thyroid hormone resistance syndrome illustrated by such a case, which had two different carcinomas and was mistreated with iodine-131 J. Xue, X. Jia et al. Free Text

How a tertiary medical nuclear medicine department at the Himalayan area in India can be established and function in an exemplary manner . Basic rules revisited V.K. Dhingra, S. Saini et al Free Text

18F-FDG PET/CT and contrast enhanced CT in differential diagnosis between leiomyoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumor Y. Hirose, H. Kaida et al. Free Text

Secondary neurolymphomatosis of spinal nerve roots detected by 18F-FDG PET/CT: a case report and differential diagnosis of the case Y. Wang J. Wang et al. Free Text

Placental-site trophoblastic tumor and fluorine-18-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/ computed tomography S.S. Çerçi, E. Erdemoglu et al. Free Text

Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the lung mimics aspergilloma on 18F-FDG PET/CT Y. Zhang, B. Li et al. Free Text

Imaging by 18F-FDG PET/CT of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with cellulitis Y. Zhang, B. Li et al. Free Text

Risk factors and the progression of thyroid malignancies E. Giannoula, I Iakovou et al. Free Text