Current Issue

January - April 2013

Volume 16, Number 1

Five benign myoskeletal diseases in paediatrics and the role of Nuclear Medicine. Do they differ from those in adults? B. Ajdinovic, L. Jaukovic et al. Free Text

Caveats in imaging of adrenal masses-incidentalomas: Can we diagnose adrenocortical carcinoma by imaging modalities? I. Ilias, G. Meristoudis et al. Free Text

In vivo quantification of pulmonary inflammation in relation to emphysema severity via partial volume corrected 18F-FDG-PET using computer-assisted analysis of diagnostic chest CT. D. A. Torigian, V. Damet al. Free Text

Assessment of the diagnostic performance of 18F-FDG-PET/CT for detection and characterization of solid renal malignancies. Z. Nakhoda, D. A. Torigian et al. Free Text

The optimum Ga-67-citrate gamma camera imaging quality factors as first calculated and shown by the Taguchi ’s analysis. D. M. Yeh, P. J. Chang et al. Free Text

Preparation of 99mTc-labeled methοtrexate by a direct labeling technique as a potential diagnostic agent for breast cancer and preliminary clinical results. R. Rasheed, M. Javed et al. Free Text

Inluence of hippophae rhamnoides on two appetite factors, gastric emptying and metabolic parameters, in children with functional dyspepsia. M. Xiao, X. Qiu et al. Free Text

Radiosynoviorthesis in hemophilic joints with yttrium-90 citrate and rhenium-186 suflide and long term results. P. Teyssler, K. Taborska et al. Free Text

Ventilation/perfusion lung scintigraphy. Multiple applications besides pulmonary embolism. H. Sinzinger, , M. Rodrigues et al. Free Text

Acute radiation syndrome and chronic radiation syndrome. P. Grammaticos, E. Giannoula et al. Free Text

Crayish-related Haff disease rhabdomyolysis; diagnosis supported by bone scintigraphy. P. Xie, J. Hu et al. Free Text

Ovarian dermoid cyst serendipitously detected by pelvic radioiodine-131I uptake and by diffusion weighted MRI in a post-thyroidectomy case of papillary thyroid carcinoma. S. Basu, A. Mahajan. Free Text

The therapeutic effect of transcatheter arterial thromboembolization of hepatocellular carcinoma as for residual viable tumors related to lipiodol density areas and detected by 18F-FDG PET/CT and CT. G. J. Li, W. Shao et al. Free Text

Diffuse hepatic uptake of 99mTc methylene diphosphonate on bone scintigraphy in a case of hypercalcemia and diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Z.-L. Qiu, Y.-L. Xue et al. Free Text

The “atomic theory” of Leucippus, and its impact on medicine before Hippocrates. G. Tsoucalas, K. Laios et al. Free Text