Current Issue

May - August 2012

Volume 15, Number 2

Is there still a place for SPET in the era of PET brain imaging? A. Fotopoulos, G. Alexiou. Free Text

The influence of resolution recovery by using collimator detector response during 3D OSEM image reconstruction on 99mTc-ECD brain SPET images. F Kalantari et al. Free Text

Health status of Greek thyroid cancer patients after radioiodine administration compared to a demographically matched general population sample. O. Karapanou et al. Free Text

Prediction of acute cardiac events in patients with noncalcified plaques using dual-source CT angiography. J. Wu et al. Free Text

Recognition based hormonal 95kDa monoclonal antibody on three human cancer cell lines for developing targeted radio-immuno-imaging and therapy. G. Bandopadhyaya et al. Free Text

Assessment of cardiac abnormalities in Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy by 99mTc-MIBI gated myocardial perfusion imaging. P. Fu et al. Free Text

Preparation and biodistribution in mice of a new radiopharmaceutical – technetium 99m labeled methotrexate, as a tumor diagnostic agent. U. Dar et al. Free Text

Brain metastases detectability of routine whole body 18 F-FDG PET and low dose CT scanning in 2502 asymptomatic patients with solid extracranial tumors. P. Bochev et al. Free Text

Effective use of a new quality and safety checklist for the steady and safe supply of fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose for positron emission tomography/computed tomography. Y. Kawabata et al. Free Text

Dopamine transporter imaging 123 I-FP-CIT (DaTSCAN) SPET in differential diagnosis of dopa-responsive dystonia and young-onset Parkinson’s disease L. D. Brajkovic et al. Free Text

A new role of PET/CT for target delineation for radiotherapy treatment planning for head and neck carcinomas. A. Zygogianni et al. Free Text

Somatostatin analogue scintigraphy in a patient with viral myocarditis. E. Moralidis et al. Free Text

Myocardial bridge: An unusual cause of asymptomatic ST-elevation during treadmill stress test causing functional ischaemia. I. Karfis et al. Free Text

Single inguinal node metastasis of stage I testicular seminoma shown by scrotal scintigraphy, 6 months following radical orchiectomy. A. Bantis et al. Free Text

Breast recurrence of primary rectal lymphoma: documentation by 18 F-FDG-PET and histopathology. S. Basu et al. Free Text

Can injection of pentagastrin stimulate the identification of metastases of medullary thyroid carcinoma by 18 F-FDG PET/CT?. M. F. Erdoğan et al. Free Text

A seldom case of primary urethral malignant melanoma and breast cancer detected by 18 F-FDG PET/CT. K. L Agrawal et al. Free Text

Dacryoscintigraphy for the detection of ocular drainage system stenosis induced by docetaxel and fluorouracil G. I. Tsoucalas et al. Free Text