Current Issue

January - April 2007

Volume 10, Number 1

The sodium-iodine symporter and the proton-pump inhibitors in - related to the side effects of - the treatment of thyroid cancer with iodine-131. G. Sfakianakis, E. Sfakianaki Free Text

Hashimoto's thyroiditis and the role of selenium. Current concepts. E.Mazokopakis, V. Chatzipavlidou Free Text

The importance of recombinant human thyroid stimulating hormone in the follow-up and treatment of disseminated thyroid cancer after thyroidectomy. E. Skoura, P. Rontogianni Free Text

Fetus radiation doses from nuclear medicine and radiology diagnostic procedures. Potential risks and radiation protection instructions. P. Markou Free Text

Morphology and release kinetics of technetium-99m(V) dimercaptosuccinic acid loaded, poly(lactic-co-glycolic)acid microspheric delivery system. An experimental approach that may be used for targeted radiation treatment. J. Shukla, G.P.Bandopadhyaya, I.K.Varma, R. Kumar, S.K. Maulik Free Text

Prescintigraphic morphine application for abdominal adenocarcinoma imaging, with technetium-99m methoxy isobutyl isonitrile. A. Ferlitsch, P. Steindl-Munda, M. Haefner, M. Peck-Radosavljevic, C. Madl, R. Pötzi, M. Homoncik, C. Weidekamm, S. Granegger, H.Sinzinger Free Text

Comparison of two software in gated myocardial perfusion single photon emission tomography, for the measurement of left ventricular volumes and ejection fraction, in patients with and without perfusion defects. V. R. D. Kakhki, S. R. Zakavi, R. Sadeghi Free Text

Serum testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone versus prostate specific antigen in patients with localized prostate adenocarcinoma who underwent radical prostatectomy. Radioimmunoassays measurements. A. Bantis, A. Zisimopoulos, P. Athanasiadou, M. Gonidi, E. Egelonidou, A. Strataki, D. Mattheos, A. Tsartsarakis Free Text

Τhe importance of the tumor marker CYFRA 21-1 in patients with lung cancer after surgery or chemotherapy. A. Zisimopoulos, K. Stellos, V. Parmenopoulou, G. Petrakis, P. Theodorakopoulos, N. Baziotis, N. Thalassinos Free Text

Trapping of technetium-99m albumin macroaggregate and other four radiopharmaceuticals by blood clots in vitro. A. Zanglis, D. Andreopoulos, N. Baziotis Free Text

A case of non-malignant multifocal lesions on the methyl diphosphonate technetium-99m bone scan with enteropathy. SAPHO syndrome E. Skoura, C. Giannopoulou, E. Zaromytidou, N. Pianou, I. Houssianakou Free Text

The contribution of conventional nuclear molecular imaging in characterizing the nature of a growing solitary pulmonary nodule. Report of a case. D. Boundas, G. Arsos, N. Karatzas, A. Papagiannis, C. Karakatsanis Free Text

Parallel hole versus pinhole collimator for technetium-99m sestamibi scintigraphy, in the diagnosis of parathyromatosis. S. Koukouraki, M. Stathaki, K. Stylianou, E. Daphnis, N. Karkavitsas Free Text

Recommended dietary selenium intake and selenium concentration in nuts. E. Mazokopakis, E. Protopapadakis Free Text

Authors' reply. A. Kaprara, G. Krassas Free Text

Zinc as antiperoxidative agent following iodine-131 induced changes on the antioxidant system and the morphology of red blood cells. H. Ahmadzadehfar H. Sinzinger Free Text

Authors' reply. D.K. Dhawan Free Text