Current Issue

May - August 1998

Volume 1, Number 2

The Importance of the Techniques of Nuclear Medicine in the Diagnosis of Thyroid Carcinoma. P.Grammaticos Free Text

Nuclear Medicine Contributions to the Diagnosis of Brain Death. DC.Costa, S.Gacinovic, C.Ioannidis Free Text

Serum Tisue Polypeptide Antigen (T.P.A.) Radioimmunoassay in the Diagnosis and the Evaluation of Treatment of Breast, Blood and Bladder Cancer. P.Markou Free Text

99m-Tc HMPAO SPET Findings in Parkinson’s Disease. G.Gerasimou, S.Bostantzopoulou, Z.Katsarou, A.Alevriadou, A.Kazis Free Text

The Clinical Significance of free to Total PSA (F/T PSA) for the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. D.Chatzivasiliou, V.Galamoutsas, T.Dimopoulos, I.Belivanis,A.Triantos, G.Koliakos Free Text

Stability of Serum Thyroid Stimulating Hormone After Non-Refrigerated Storage. G.Koliakos, M.Tortopidou, T.Liolios, M.Gaitatzi, P.Grammaticos Free Text

Metastasis Detection From Well Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma, E.Konidari-Dedousi, A.P.Papadopoulos

Basketball and Pulmonary Emboli, A.Sofos, E.Dedousi, A.Tsionou

The Contribution of Nuclear Medicine in the Urinary System Diseases, A.Tourkantonis

Points of Interest Presented at the 6th Panhellenic Nuclear Medicine Congress Lecture of Professor K.E.Britton Lecture of Professor D.C.Costa