H E L L E N I C   J O U R N A L  OF   N U C L E A R   M E D I C I N E

The Journal of the Hellenic Society of Nuclear Medicine


 Hell J Nucl Med 2001, 3: 127-135


Tumor Markers and Their Applications, 

P.Valsamaki, D.Tsavlis, D.Maouri

2nd Nuclear Medicine Laboratory, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki



Tumor markers are antigens related to the presence of cancer. Tumor markers are tested in vitro by RIA and IRMA radioimmunoassay techniques, while in vivo one may use labelled tumor markers for immunoscintigraphy. They are often used for the follow-up of treatment, or for the clinical follow-up of cancer cases in advanced stage of the disease. Many use the prostatic specific antigen-PSA for the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Other tumor markers are used as follows: CEA and CA 15-3 for breast carcinoma, aFP and CEA for gastrenterologic cancer especially liver and pancreas, CA 125 for ovarian cancer, CA 50 for colon and rectal carcinoma, CYFRA 21.1 and SCC for lung carcinoma, hormonal marker HCC for choriocarcinoma, etc. We hope that research on more specific and more sensitive monochlonal antibodies will increase the accuracy of cancer diagnosis by tumor markers. 


Key words

- tumor markers

- RIA tests

- IRMA tests

- monoclonal antibodies


Correspondence address: Dr P.Valsamaki, 2nd Laboratory of Nuclear Medicine, AHEPA Hospital, 546 36 Thessaloniki, Greece. Tel: +30310 993131